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Marriage of Theoretical Physics and Artificial Intelligence

It is so wonderful to know when two seemingly-unrelated branches of study find themselves in a union. And this union is giving birth to a whole new set of possibilities and paradigms. On one hand, you have the field of… Continue Reading →

Use Beautiful Soup for webscraping

If you want to programmatically extract information from webpages, you can use Beautiful Soup. It is based on the Dom structure of webpages.  For example: r = urllib2.request.urlopen(‘’).read() soup = BeautifulSoup(r) print(soup.title) This prints the title tag of the webpage…. Continue Reading →

Actions on Google – Getting started with API.AI

Intents and Entities are 2 main important points which are helpful to create interaction scenarios within Intents map what a user says to what a conversational experience should do Default Fallback Intent This is shown when something is not… Continue Reading →

Code Snippet: How to send a httprequest in Java?

The following code snippet demonstrates sending httprequest in Java Let’s take an example of sending httprequest to with a search query: We shall be using some of the basic libraries provided by Java standard library. We are using:… Continue Reading →

Random topics on web development -1

w3c – world wide web consortium – it is the main international standards organization for www. So, it is responsible for defining different standards related to how different technologies/ideas/frameworks are going to be adopted into web. For example, for java,… Continue Reading →

AFrame: Develop Virtual Reality Scenes for Web

AFrame is a Web framework developed by Mozilla, which helps developers to build Virtual Reality Scenes using html code. If you know HTML, then you can build Virtual Reality (VR) applications, thanks to AFrame. Using just HTML and AFrame, you… Continue Reading →

Developer’s Vocabulary: LightGBM, Gradient Boosting, Yarn

Are you interested in LightGBM? What is Gradient Boosting? Follow blog to learn about these topics?

Developer’s Vocabulary: Asynchronous TimeWarp, Game Engine

Today is Day 2 in ‘Vocabulary for the 21st Century Developer’. Let us learn top 3 Words for today: JavaScript Engine, Game Engine, Asynchronous TimeWarp. JavaScript Engine is related to web applications. Game Engine and Asynchronous TimeWarp is related to video… Continue Reading →

Developer’s Vocabulary: Serverless, FAAS, Electron

Today is Day 1 in ‘Developer’s Vocabulary for the 21st Century’. Let us learn top 3 Words for today: Serverless, FAAS, Electron Firstly, I congratulate you for having taken interest in reading this blog post. Secondly, I congratulate you for participating in… Continue Reading →

slack bot : Use botkit to build a slack bot

Learn how to create a slack bot using botkit Slack bot are bots within a slack team. Let us learn the basic concepts now. Slack is an awesome team communication software with lots of integrations.  One of the best things about… Continue Reading →

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