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Developer’s Vocabulary: LightGBM, Gradient Boosting, Yarn

Are you interested in LightGBM? What is Gradient Boosting? Follow blog to learn about these topics?

Developer’s Vocabulary: Asynchronous TimeWarp, Game Engine

Today is Day 2 in ‘Vocabulary for the 21st Century Developer’. Let us learn top 3 Words for today: JavaScript Engine, Game Engine, Asynchronous TimeWarp. JavaScript Engine is related to web applications. Game Engine and Asynchronous TimeWarp is related to video… Continue Reading →

Developer’s Vocabulary: Serverless, FAAS, Electron

Today is Day 1 in ‘Developer’s Vocabulary for the 21st Century’. Let us learn top 3 Words for today: Serverless, FAAS, Electron Firstly, I congratulate you for having taken interest in reading this blog post. Secondly, I congratulate you for participating in… Continue Reading →

slack bot : Use botkit to build a slack bot

Learn how to create a slack bot using botkit Slack bot are bots within a slack team. Let us learn the basic concepts now. Slack is an awesome team communication software with lots of integrations.  One of the best things about… Continue Reading →

Chatbots – An Introduction to the world of chatbots.

Chatbots are the new means of communication interfaces. Before we get into making a chatbot of our own, let us take a step back and see, from where we have come all the way to here.. Paradigm Shifts There are… Continue Reading →

TensorFlow and its role in Deep Learning

Tensorflow is a framework to develop machine learning applications. Neural Network is all about understanding data and arriving at a function:- Neural Network is all about learning to arrive at a function from the data. The input data could be set… Continue Reading →

(AI Post) – Restricted Boltzmann Machines

One of the applications of a neural network comes in the area of Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence which contains method to enable machines to process natural language input, especially Natural Language Understanding… Continue Reading →

(IDE POST)- Intellij IDEA – Tips and Tricks

One of the best things about software development is to work with IDE’s, especially while working with large software projects. Since we spend most of our time with IDE, it is good to know how to do things efficiently, as… Continue Reading →

Today I learned that we can watch YouTube from VLC

VLC is one of the most widely used media players in our systems offline. Online, you have video streaming websites, which use Adobe Flash Player or JWPlayer etc. Today, I learned that we can watch Youtube videos right from VLC… Continue Reading →

Screencasting from Android Chrome to local System Chrome and Inspecting

Working with Java code in Eclipse/Intellij IDEA, we can debug the Java code. Even we could debug our Android App running on our phone, from Android Studio/ corresponding IDE. Recently, I had stumbled upon an article which allows you to debug Chrome… Continue Reading →

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